Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is dark green with golden tones, perfumed of artichokes and fresh herbs, with a sweet finish of almond. It is full-bodied and round as the olives from which it is made, a true taste of the soil that produces them.


Pure Olive Oil

Very light in color and taste, with a fresh hint of olives. It is great for cooking and it can be used as a condiment for the lightest dishes, such as grilled white fish and meat.


Olive Pomace Oil

With its smooth taste and delicate olive-ly flavor, it is ideal for all culinary preparations. With is fairly high smoking point, it is perfect especially for baking and frying.




Sunflower Oil

Rich in polyunsaturated fats, it is a very delicate condiment. It is ideal especially for deep frying, due to its high smoking point.


Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil naturally contains plant sterols, Gamma Oryzanol and Phytosterols, making it renown for its peculiar nutritive characteristics. With its delicate flavor and pleasantly nutty aroma, it is ideal for many cooking uses, especially frying and sauteing, but also for dressing raw foods.


Grapeseed Oil

Odorless and extremely light in taste, this natural oil has cooking properties that impact a rich taste, without altering the original flavors and richness of the food. It is good also as a base for sauces and for marinating, or as a gourmet condiment for salads.


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